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Fatwas shmatwas.

This is like a bunch of theologians discussing how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. Who cares what they issued and what they didn’t issue, Islam is war and deception, anything goes in lying to the enemy. It matters not a twattle.

This is the exact same issue with the PLO’s supposed vote on recognizing Israel, and stinky Arafat’s recognition of ”Jewish Israel”, it means absolutely nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Lying to the ”infidel” is a protected right in Islam. Get it?

Experts split over anti-nuclear-weapons fatwa in Iran

04/07/2014 04:00

Middle East Media Research Institute says Iranian supreme leader never issued an official fatwa against nuclear weapons; other experts tell ‘Post’ that a fatwa can be oral and does not have to be written down.


Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Photo: REUTERS

When US Secretary of State John Kerry said last month, in a Nowruz interview with the Voice of America’s Persian service, that he and President Barack Obama were “grateful” that Iran’s leader had issued a fatwa banning nuclear weapons, he rekindled a debate about whether the fatwa actually existed.

According to the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei never issued an official fatwa against nuclear weapons, at least not one for which there is any official record.

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  1. First of all I wanted to say I’ve posted many times about the NON existence of that fatwa.
    But what I wanted to point out is a small mistake in the JPost their story.
    “Savyon also refers to a 2013 report MEMRI did on Khamenei’s verbal criticism of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for relinquishing his military nuclear weapon facilities in exchange for benefits from the West.

    “This statement by Khamenei came later than his previous statements on the issue of nuclear weapons and therefore nullifies them,” she said. “Khamenei said in his March 20, 2011, Persian New Year address: ‘This gentleman [Gaddafi] wrapped up all his nuclear facilities, packed them on a ship, and delivered them to the West and said, Take them! Look in what position our nation is, and in what position they [the Libyans] are.’”
    The mistake is that Khomeini has a Higher ‘level’ (Khomeini was a marja (“source of emulation” – Highest) in Shiite clerical status, Khamenei is lower so he could not contradict this earlier fatwa if it existed.


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