Islam in Greece



Everywhere they reside, there is angst, trouble and mayhem, in accordance to their demographic numbers of course.

Geller at Atlas:

Muslims Escalate Attacks on Churches in Crete

And the dhimmi Greek Socialist Party SYRIZA (and some others) wants to help build mosques in Greece. How about Muslims abandon their violence and hate-filled supremacism and start showing some respect and tolerance? I’m not even just talking about the horrible religious persecution going on in Muslim countries, but they can’t even manage to show even the most basic degree of respect and civility in non-Muslim countries.
One would think that the Greek people would have more memories of most of the centuries of oppression they suffered under Islamic rule, but perhaps the decades of leftist indoctrination has eroded that somewhat…

crete church attacked

“Attacks of Orthodox Churches on Crete continuing” Pravoslavie, April 1, 2014 (thanks to Filip)

– See more at Atlas Shrugs:

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