The last thing we need are foreign beggars making a nuisance of themselves on the streets of Finland.

MPs back anti-begging motion

A multi-party parliamentary group has tabled a motion to introduce anti-begging legislation. The proposed bill takes pattern from Norway, where panhandling has been criminalised in an attempt to root out the practice.

Kerjäläinen istuu kadulla pahvimukiin kerjäten.
More than 100 MPs have backed the motion to criminalise panhandling in Finland. Image: Juha-Pekka Inkinen / Yle

MPs Arto Satonen from the National Coalition Party, Kari Rajamäki of the Social Democratic Party, Antti Rantakangas of the Centre Party and Reijo Tossavainen of the Finns Party have filed a parliamentary motion to introduce legislation limiting panhandling.

The coalition of MPs said that the motion has the backing of 102 parliamentarians from six political parties.

The bill would require panhandlers to register their activities, in effect to seek police permission for fundraising. It also proposes the zoning of beggars to deny them access to public places such as city centres, tourist attractions, summer events and the roadside.

Satonen has defended the approach, saying that a register of panhandlers would allow authorities to determine the background of victims of human trafficking and to trace organised criminals.

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