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The suicidal Swedes of Finland

Swedish is the second official language of Finland, and its members are at the spearhead of those supporting (epic failure) multiculturalism. Once they championed it for what they viewed as being for their own survival as a minority group, now they do it because they have no other choice, and will become just ”one more group” in throng of others.

NOTE: I predict that either Putin, or some other Russian strong arm type will be demanding an increased attention to the growing Russian minority in Finland, with mandatory Russian and official language status not that far behind.

Foreign language speakers overtake number of Swedish-speakers

People whose first language is other than Finnish, Swedish or Sámi presently account for around 90% of the nation’s population growth. The largest single group are Russian-speakers.

Image: Yle Newsgraphics

According to projections from Statistics Finland, the total number of speakers of languages other than Finnish, Swedish or Sámi has overtaken, or is just now overtaking, the size of Finland’s Swedish-speaking minority.

At the end of last year, the number of people in Finland whose mother tongue was Swedish stood at 290,910 individuals, 5.3% of the population. There were only 1,800 fewer people whose first language was not one of the two official national languages or one of the Sámi languages which have official status in several northern municipalities.

In 2013 Finland’s population saw a net gain of 24,600. The number of foreign-language speakers grew by around 22,000.

The number of people whose first language is registered as Finnish increased by 2,500 and those registered as Sámi by 30. The total of Swedish-speakers declined by 67.

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  1. Israel is practicing apartheid, everyone knows this. They call anyone who disagrees with them “anti-Semites”. Such hypocracy is simply appalling.

    1. No N.Pierce, israel is not practising what you say, and your ”everyone knows this” quip even further reduces your credibility. That said, you chose to comment on something entirely unrelated to the post in question. Such blatant propagandising coupled with factually challenged statements…is appalling.

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