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Push back.

Who knows, if the Finnish government wasn’t so eager to accept adult male Syrian refugees (who should be in a military group fighting both Assad and Jihadis) these nine wouldn’t be much a bother.

NOTE: The state hack news org., YLE, in the same article, also refers to an earlier incident (unrelated) in which Finns Party members requested another meeting place, after a Somali group meeting regularly in the same space, had fouled it. This was added as a part of the demonization process, to show how evil they are.

Lieksa Finns Party councillors block Syrian refugee minors

Finns Party members of the Lieksa municipal council tabled a motion over a plan to accept nine refugee minors from Syria. A subsequent narrow vote overturned the proposal to take in the quota refugees.

Perussuomalaisten logo.
Finns Party councillors in Lieksa voted to turn away under-aged quota refugees from Syria. Image: Toni Pitkänen / Yle

interim mayor Matti Taponen of Lieksa in eastern Finland had tabled a proposal to accommodate a maximum of nine under-aged refugees in the local Christian college family home.

The children were to be taken into the city as quota refugees from Syria, where the protracted civil conflict had created a massive humanitarian crisis.

Finns Party city council members reportedly decided to table a resolution to overturn the interim mayor’s proposal.

A narrow 5-4 vote saw the resolution to deny a new home to the refugee minors win out over the original proposal to take them in.

Lieksa Finns Party city councilors had previously been in the news for refusing to use a meeting room where a local Somali working group convened their meetings.


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