Bangladesh Muslim persecution of Hindus



Folks, this is but one more tragic incident in a long line of many in the 1400 year old Islamic jihad against the Hindu region.

Abduction of Hindu Girl in Bangladesh- Advocate Rabindra Ghosh Warns of Increasing Danger to Hindu Communities

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director

When I spoke to Advocate Rabindra Ghosh this morning,  I was alarmed to hear the sense of urgency in his voice, ”  Just 3-4 hours ago our sacred deities in certain villages have been destroyed!  We must get immediate response from our government regarding these attrocities now!  People are being abducted and killed in mass numbers and the government is doing nothing to stop it!   I, myself have been threatened not to mention “muslim” as the perpetrators.

My life is at risk and the lives of my colleagues assisting me in the investigations of these incidences since the local police and government refuse to respond! We need immediate action!  The situation has gone past the breaking point!”

I was alarmed to hear the urgency in his message.  There is no protection for him while he works on the ground nor is there protection for anyone who desires to assist him.  Our new project in partnership and joint effort with ICLA ( International Civil Liberties Alliance)   Victims of Sharia Action Network (VOSAN) is a possible breakthrough in reaching the International Community for immediate assistance to the victims and advocates currently facing this threats.  Cases will be filed through this application process to be placed on the record of Sharia related incidents that are occurring almost daily in Bangladesh!

Even in Muslim controlled regions,  religious minorities are entitled according to the Univeral Declaration of Human Rights Articles on Indigenous People  IUFE thanks ICLA for their partnership in addressing such issues efficiently and immediately.  Please take a moment to read Advocate Rabindra Ghosh’s urgent appeal during the course of a major threat to his life and the lives of his colleagues.

IUFE asks for the immediate protection and restoring of damaged deities and villages to be restored immediately and tangible assistance given to the victims who are deeply effected by these heinous acts.  Advocate Rabindra Ghosh has generously shared these very sensitive issues with us.  Ms.  Syeda Sazida Khanam your response and refusal to acknowledge the inalienable human rights of the victims of these crimes against humanity will not go unnoticed!

More here at the IUFE.

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