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It’s exactly how the EU/UN treats Israel.

collapsing EU

Ironically it’s the EU that could usher in a new war on the continent, after having exacerbated every economic and social strife. The ”common work” mentioned by Steinmeier that’s being ”hindered”, is the crushing of individual liberty by an all powerful state leviathan.

NOTE: It’s the independent nation states, and their individual pluralist democracies that have kept the peace all these years, (with help from the US) not a highly anti-democratic, tyrannical EU, which this German political hack, who has risen through the ranks parroting the approved party line, clearly represents.

Ukip is a threat to peace in Europe, says Germany

Rise of UK Independence Party hampers cooperation that has kept the continent at peace, Germany’s foreign minister says

Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier speaks during a news conference with Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague

Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier speaks during a news conference with Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague Photo: REUTERS

By James Kirkup

9:38PM GMT 03 Feb 2014

The rise of Eurosceptic groups such as the UK Independence Party hampers the cooperation that has kept the continent at peace for decades, Germany’s foreign minister said.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier also dealt a blow to David Cameron’s attempt to recast the European Union membership deal, suggesting Germany and Britain were not “pulling in exactly the same direction”.

Speaking on a visit to London for talks with William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, Mr Steinmeier said he was concerned about a drift towards scepticism that has aided parties such as Ukip, Germany’s AfD and the French Front National, and led Mr Cameron to offer an in/out referendum.

Instead of moving further apart, European nations should cooperate ever more closely, he said, adding that history has shown that when European countries do not have close relations, military conflict can arise. “History before the First World War was a history of not talking to each other, of nationalisms which could no longer be [tamed] by reason,” Mr Steinmeier said. “These dangers have to be forever banned.”

The trend towards political scepticism hampers that common work, he suggested.

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