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UPDATE: This is now my third try at this story.

Demonstrators of the "Day of Wrath".

Nidra Poller, an American writer and translator living in Paris, gives the Tundra Tabloids a more fuller understanding on what transpired during the 17 000 strong march that took place in Paris last Sunday. Sadly, what has been reported in the media, as well as in the blogosphere, does not give a complete and accurate accounting.

According to Nidra, the antisemitic cries heard in the videos posted here, took place in the middle of the march, not at the tail end as reported by the TT in this same post (now updated/corrected). The media spoke of several hundreds being arrested, officially there were around 250 arrests made by the police, of which only 2 were further detained.

Nidra Poller also tells the TT that there were around 60 or so groups participating in the loosely staged event, with no one group claiming a clear role in the leadership of it. None of the groups, especially the larger of the groups with the exception of someone from organizational staff for the Day of Rage: ”You can not link these slogans to our event. They are the work of isolated individuals and we condemn them”. have spoken out against the antisemitic slogans being hurled throughout the course of the march. The French media itself hasn’t expressed any interest in investigating the sources of the Jew hatred exhibited either.

According to Nidra Poller, a large array of groups, from anti-”same sex” marriage proponents, to a male version of Femen activists, as well as activists against specific Hollande/government policies, along with a measurable sized group of Neo-Nazis and supporters of the antisemitic Dieudonné M’bala M’bala.

Poller also lets it be known that battle cry of the event Holland Dégage [Hollande / scram] an offshoot of the anti-gay marriage movement that calls itself the ”Paris Spring”. This, she states, ”represents a mass coalescing of far-Left and far-Right extremists that participated with legitimate voices protesting Islamization and other unfavourable government policies and problems in general.  [the Hollande degage is the slogan of the “Arab Spring”, starting with Tunisia. Occupy Wall Street also claimed inspiration from the “Arab Spring”]

The problem here as I see it, is that the situation in France is easy to misread, there are a multitude of different minded groups, some legit, others not so legit, and some not legit at all, entangling themselves out in the open and on the streets of France, with a deadly undercurrent of antisemitism (supercharged by a new found confidence) gaining a more mainstream acceptance with many of them.

This also serves as a warning for Americans as well, for the same can be said of Left-wing groups, and radical Libertarians (neo-confederates), as well as Black Churches and other Evangelical denominations targeted by the anti-Israel Left.

Also noteworthy: Interior Minister Manuel Valls spoke out very strongly on the anti-Semitic slogans of the march. Even if he attributed them to the far Right and we know they include the far Left.

Below, a more accurate video showing what the march was actually about. Anti Hollande, pro family, and anti easy abortion etc. I hope to post more on this later today, showing what the march was really about.

Yes, the people at the end chanting anti Jew and pro-Gas chamber slogans are disappointing at best and horrifying for many. But if it was 150 idiots hitching a ride at a march of 17,000 right minded people, its important to keep a perspective. I would say it was a wildly excellent event.

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