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Truth be told, most people believe that they’ve done more than enough, and now it’s high time to take care of business closer to home.

Few muncipalities opening doors to refugees

The Interior Ministry is feverishly seeking municipalities to take in the higher number of quota refugees being accepted by Finland next year because of the crisis in Syria. Few local governments, struggling with economic woes, are keen about the extra responsibility.

Refugees, yes or no?
The most important reasons municipalities gave for accepting or not accepting quota refugees in 2014, according to a new Yle survey.

A survey by Yle’s South Savo unit indicates that most of Finland’s municipalities do not intend to accept any of the refugees scheduled to arrive in the country under the government’s 2014 quota.

The Ministry of the Interior has decided to raise the number of refugees admitted under set quotas next year by 300 because of the crisis in Syria. In 2014, Finland will take in 1,050 quota refugees who are to be settled in municipalities throughout the country.

The Yle survey received responses from nearly half of all local governments. Of the 152 municipalities that provided information, 32 will be accepting quota refugees in 2014. 39 have not yet made a decision. However, 81 were able to say already that none will be accepted.

Money and housing

The biggest single reason mentioned by local governments for deciding not to take in refugees next year is financial – the very tight budgets they have to deal with. Even though the state will provided extra funding, the survey indicated that the sums being offered are not large enough to influence the decision one way or another, except in a few places.

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