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I loathe Finland’s YLE.

It would never occur to these Marxists that a person’s income, and where they live, is none of their freaking business. They believe that it’s better to manage you.

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This is typical of the utopian statist mindset, they love to divide the people according to this and that group that they invent, while refering to them in a soulless fashion, as ”the masses as they corral the herd. Very Marxist thinking wouldn’t you say? and they think it’s neat! It’s all a game, how better to manage the plebs than to publicize their earnings, and where they live and with whom they associate themselves with etc. etc .etc.

Wake up America, this kind of crap is coming your way as well, as US socialist statists plan your society in the way their ideological cousins here in Finland are doing. It’s just a matter of time. Wow, what a neat ”online calculator”, you bunch of freaking morons.

NOTE: It’s why I hate paying them with my tax money.

Municipal merger planners “would have found data useful”

Birds of a feather flock together: Yle survey shows income gap throughout Finland

A new Yle study shows that people with similar income levels tend to live in the same areas — even within the same postal code. Yle’s Plus Desk has developed an online calculator to help you determine if you and your neighbours are well-off, or among the country’s low income earners.

 You can use the calculator to compare incomes in different cities for over-18 year olds based on age group and gender. Enter your annual taxable income. It should include your income before taxes plus possible unemployment benefits, study grants, pensions, and capital income. Exclude possible income support or housing subsidy. The figure in brackets includes your assumed vacation pay pro-rated for the entire year.

Finland’s tax authorities publish information on earnings, capital income and tax paid for every individual in the country. That data has allowed Yle to map where the country’s high-rollers congregate, and find out which districts host more people close to the breadline.

The areas with the highest income earners are all concentrated in the southern part of the country.  Low income earners on the other hand, tend to reside alongside students. Only in northern Ostrobothnia were income groups more evenly distributed.

Take two well-known districts in Espoo for instance: Otaniemi and Westend. The two are relatively close – but couldn’t be further apart in terms of income profiles. The survey found that Finland’s best- and lowest-paid people live in the Helsinki suburbs.

Source: Statistics Finland

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  1. Are people free to decide where they live or not, according to their income? YLE must have ran out of stories and so are making their own.

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