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Identity/group driven politics (multiculturalism 101), where being in the right group matters most.

When you belong to whatever group presently deemed ‘to be favored’, all roads lead to Rome, and you’re in! Even when you belong to the same language group being favored, but are just outside it, you’re dead ended. This is why identity politics is counter productive and needs to be shunned, not promoted. It’s individualism that needs nurturing and protection, the rights of the individual, not groups, is what molds and forms a cohesive diverse (the extent of which should be up to public input) ethnic society, not statist inspired, identity driven multiculturalism.

H/T: Marc Louis

bbc passed over arab speaking journalist because he was a coptic christian 12.10.2013

By Sam Marsden

3:45PM BST 09 Oct 2013

Said Shehata, 43, claims that he suffered “discrimination, victimisation and unfair treatment” from his managers and editors as a result of his religion.

He brought his case after missing out on a permanent job as a senior broadcast journalist at BBC Arabic, the oldest and largest of the Corporation’s non-English language services, while nine Muslim colleagues were chosen.

The successful candidates included an employee who was responsible for a television news bulletin that wrongly announced the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez two months before he actually died, the hearing in central London was told.

Mr Shehata, who is Egyptian by birth, lectured in Middle Eastern politics and international relations at London Metropolitan University before joining the BBC in 2007.

He has appeared as an analyst on Islamic movements and Arabic politics on television and radio, including BBC channels, and was commended by Peter Horrocks, the BBC’s director of global news, after winning an internal award for his work in January 2012.

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  1. BBC isn’t interested if Coptic Egyptians are burned in their churches and whole families are murdered in their homes. Why would they care about a coptic employee’s career?

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