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He should be impeached, but there isn’t any inclination, nor stomach, by the GOP ‘old guard’ to do the right thing. First and foremost, they’re ‘poll watchers’ and couldn’t care less about principles, secondly, they happen to follow the wrong polls and are easily frightened by this president. Those are the facts.

dewhearst obama should be impeached 16.11.2013

FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – A surprising statement from one of Texas’ top leaders: President Obama should be impeached. This came from Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, who is running for re-election and appeared at a Tea Party candidates forum.

Dewhurst warned that freedoms are being trampled on, and so the President should be impeached.  Later he fleshed out his thoughts for the Texas Observer’s Christopher Hooks.  “I think this President, Barack Obama, has disregarded federal law.  He has tried to do things which are not authorized under federal law.  Things he’s disregarded such as immigration.  He’s not, not following our federal drug laws.   And he has created winners and losers in Obamacare where he has no authority,” according to Dewhurst, who pointed out the extensions given to unions and big businesses.

And then Dewhurst criticized alleged inaction. “I am very concerned about Benghazi, in which all of the national news reporting indicated that live video was streaming into the White House situation room.  Which means there was a(n) overhead platform, probably a drone in the area.  At least that’s what it tells me.   And for not mobilizing some response to protect the ambassador and those three Americans is just outrageous to me.  Just outrageous.”

Dewhurst called his comments those of a private citizen, but when pressed on that issue by the Texas Observer, he refused to  back down.  “That happens to be my view, that the man has committed crimes that do not warrant his staying in office.”

CBS-11 Political Analyst John Weekley  says Dewhurst should be taken seriously.  He points out the Lieutenant Governor was an intelligence officer for both the U.S. Air Force and later the CIA.

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