Two different countries (U.S.  & Israel), both mired by the same leftist mindset and claptrap.

But Rabinstock participants don’t live in the real world. Their ivory tower of moral superiority is as fantastic as Camelot. It is a place where songs about peace matter more than the latest terror victim and where the world could be a better place if only all the realists went away or were locked up.
The Israeli left, like every left, is addicted to the smell of its own moral superiority, the mixture of sweat, stale cologne and ink, that wafts unpleasantly into the air from every rally. It isn’t interested in reality. At some point it stopped being interested in power. It retreated into its own fantasy, leaving behind its working class union allies, and dropped out, tuned in and let the red freak flag fly.

rabin delusion sultan knish 13.10.2013

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