Islamic misogyny Saudi Arabia



If not for the highly misogynist, and irrational nature of Islam to begin with, the wearing of a black sack would never have been imposed to begin with.

H/T: Fjordman

Video: Saudi woman lashes out at religious police

“Don’t provoke me!” This video filmed by a shopper in a Riyadh store shows a Saudi woman giving an officer from the religious police a piece of her mind. He had apparently asked her to cover up her entire face, even though she was already wearing a traditional niqab, with only her eyes and the top of her nose visible.

When the video starts, the argument is already underway. “Nothing in Islam says a woman must fully cover her face, and I already have half my face covered,” she yells at the religious police officer, who can be recognised by his red-and-white headscarf. “Are you only here to provoke me? I have children and I need to shop for them. Leave me alone!” A regular police officer standing nearby watches, but doesn’t intervene. According to local media, the woman was not arrested.

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