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islamonazis in syria with koran and fascist salute 30.9.2013

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For some reason I missed this story from Sept 23, thanks to Doris on FB for bringing it my way via The Muslim Issue:

NOTE: Moscow mayor says no more new mosques

Russian court in Krasnodar orders Quran to be added to Federal list of extremist materials

“According to the report on the study by the Forensic Center… in the books there are  statements containing a positive assessment of hostilities of a group relative to another group of persons united, on the grounds of their attitude to religion, in particular, Muslims against non-Muslims; as well as the statements of encouragement, for semantic understanding calling for hostile and violent actions of one group of people against another group of persons united by religion, in particular, Muslims against non-Muslims.”

“…the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to include the Edition to the federal list of extremist materials.”

Russians are once more becoming heroes. No matter how sad it sounds that we now have to turn to a bunch of commies and delinquent KGB officers for any common sense (‘commie-sense’), Putin has proven to be one of the few voices of reason lately. Let’s not forget that Putin warned Europe and the U.S. repeatedly for many years not to permit Muslim immigration into the countries, or they risk an endless infiltration of extremists and deliberate expansion of radical cells within the country itself by the Muslim immigrants they let in. No one listened to him.

We are firmly heading towards the same situation we saw in Kenya yesterday. It’s only a matter of time.

Russia has centuries of experience of battling with Muslim extremism and being subject to their endless aggression and provocations.  And now more communists come forth with more sense than the rest of the so called ‘progressive world’ combined: The Quran has finally and rightfully been declared AN EXTREMIST BOOK by court of law and added to a federal list of extremist materials. At least in Novorossiysk, Krasnodar in Russia.

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