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Simpletons trying to outdo themselves in the destruction of their own societies.

All the Nazis would have had to do, was to declare Nazism as ‘a religion’ and demand protection as a minority wherever they set up shop as a movement.

NOTE: Stick a fork in NYC politics, it’s done.


mayor candidate speaks of respecting islam wants public schools to reflect that 18.10.2013

‘We’re not going to lose the school days,’ Lhota said Wednesday. ‘We’ll have to extend the school days by those two days. But nonetheless those who are Muslim will be allowed to have that day off to celebrate their holidays.’

‘Those who are Muslim will be allowed to have that day off’: de Blasio’s Republican rival Joe Lhota said Wednesday that he’s supported Muslim holidays in NYC schools throughout his campaign

Both candidates support days off for New York City’s nearly 150,000 Muslim public school students on the two most holy days of the Muslim calendar, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.
‘The origins of this nation, people of many different faiths coming together,’ said de Blasio. ‘That’s why we have to respect Muslim faiths by providing the Eid school holidays for children in our school system.’

De Blasio pointed out that, like Hanukkah or Easter, these Muslim fall on different days each year, which can force students to choose between education and faith.

‘A child who has an exam on a day that right now is one of the Eid holidays, they’re either respecting their religious obligation or they’re doing what their education requires of them. They can’t do both under our current system,’ de Blasio said Wednesday at an event in Brooklyn for Muslim Americans.

In 2006, an Eid holiday fell on a day of required state-wide tests.

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  1. Another vote-whoring politician – just like in England where the Labour party imported hundreds of thousands of muslims to build up their voting base. To hell with the non-muslim constituency or their quality of life – it’s all about the pols getting into political power and keeping that power.

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