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Frank Gaffney had this GOP political/consultant hack’s number a long time ago, but it’s going to be his strong arming of conservatives that will lead to his eventual undoing. This Muslim Brotherhood facilitator has been doing damage to the GOP for many years, and now it’s time to rip the mask off from his politics once and for all.

As Rush Limbaugh and others have noted though, Cruz’s fierce support for defunding Obamacare has exposed Obamacare’s weaknesses and hurt the president’s popularity. In addition, Cruz and Lee always said that for the defunding strategy to work, Republicans first had to be united in order to convince and pressure Democrats in red states to support it.
That never happened because establishment Republicans like Norquist spent months trashing the defunding strategy more than Obamacare.

norquist attacks cruz 13.10.2013

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  1. Grover? Isn’t he some kind of doofus puppet on Sesame Street?

    Same difference I suppose except that Gover on Sesame Street is entertaining and the kids love him.

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