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There is no precedence to what is happening in Europe, in which vibrant democracies self implode from disastrous policies formulated by short sighted politicians who think that they can control the beast that they’ve created in their midst. A state suicide which will bring everyone down with it.

nidra poller at inquisitr 22.10.2013

numbing certainty, and welcomed this virtual deluge of unemployed and mostly unemployable foreigners to their shores. Not only were the huddled masses of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East invited to come, but the governments of Europe were happy to pay the bill.

Fast forward a few decades and we have a different story. Europe in 2013 no longer resembles the proud collection of individual nations that survived Hitler and Communism to become freedom loving, economic powerhouses. Native populations are dwindling, only to be replaced by the reality of high immigrant birth rates. At the same time, faith in Christianity is fading, only to be superseded by Islam.

Religious differences aside, what is really driving the growing resentment from Europe’s citizens is the massive drain on the economy. A significant percentage of immigrants spend their entire life on the dole, raising large families who also depend on the state for support. Europeans are fed up with the never ending tax increases needed to re-enforce the institutions of multiculturalism and subsidize growing immigrant populations.

Although many Europeans are becoming disenchanted with the situation, the leftists and progressives of Europe still worship at the altar of open borders. Recently, one particular case provoked Europe’s liberal elite into a feeding frenzy of outrage; the legal deportation of a 15-year-old student and her family from France.

To describe the case and the ensuing uproar, The Inquisitr invited our friend and contributor, Nidra Poller, to bring us up-to-date on the chaos and confusion from Paris. After you finish reading her astonishing report, you may never look at immigration in the same way again.


French Surrender At Mitrovica

By Nidra Poller

Paris October 21, 2013 – When a boat overloaded with illegal immigrants sinks off the coast of Lampedusa, drowning hundreds, French media call it a “drame de l’immigration” This week they produced the melodrama of immigration, a comic opera starring Leonarda, a 15 year-old plucked out of a school bus, thrown into a police car, whisked off to the airport with her mother and five siblings, pushed into an airplane, and dumped out in Kosovo. Her classmates were sobbing, her teachers were indignant, it was the Rafle du Vel d’hiv all over again. Fingers were pointed at Interior Minister Manuel Valls who was on an official mission in the crime-ridden French Caribbean Islands.

How could a Socialist minister condone the heartless treatment of Leonarda? His fellow Socialists and their Far Left allies accused him of pandering to aficionados of the National Front (dubbed anti-immigration, Far Right, and far worse). Valls– like Sarkozy of immigrant origin–was pinned up on the Nazi-lookalikes dart board while Leonarda was packaged as a cross between Joan of Arc and Anne Frank. Her cause filled the screen, obliterating Iran’s nuclear arms race, the U.S. government shut down and open up again, earthquake in the Philippines, typhoon in Japan, bloodshed in Syria, and the national debt.

The image of Leonarda grabbed off of a school bus and abruptly deported to Kosovo provoked indecent comparisons. Esther Benbassa, the grotesque Green Party deputy, shuddered over this replay of the Nazi roundup of French Jews, a tearful classmate wailed “there is an empty seat in the classroom,” and mass media downplayed or outright omitted revelations that might trouble the picture of persecuted Romas. The president’s… um… well… common-law wife, Valerie Trierweiller, scrambled up to the moral high ground: our schools must be sanctuaries, children should not be plucked out for deportation!!! Some 40 lycées were barricaded, the kids spilled into the streets with painted cheeks and slapdash cardboard posters ordering Interior Minister Valls to resign immediately. A 19 year-old Armenian illegal deported after being arrested for pickpocketing was added—now it was an issue of mass deportations–but he didn’t get much press. Leonarda was their gal.

Despite this incredible PR, polls showed a majority, eventually 2/3, against granting asylum to Leonarda and her family.

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