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This was to be a new chapter in Norwegian and Israeli relations with the defeat of the Norwegian Left in recent elections. Not much has changed so it would seem, the rot is too deep for the political elites to root out themselves, so they have to be reminded internationally.

Norway’s ruling elite have strong ties to Islamofascism:

The former PM Stoltenberg at Utoya, where they practiced hatred of Israelis.

Stoltenburg at atoya island norway camp of hate

Hamas supporter appointed minister in Norway

Vidar Helgesen was head of foundation who lobbied for an EU recognition of the Hamas. Yesterday he became minister for EU affairs in Norway.

The new prime minister of Norway should quickly remove Vidar Helgesen from the cabinet.

In 2009, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (MFA) gave 22 million to a “dialogue foundation” where former State Secretary Vidar Helgesen is a director. The money was gifted after it was revealed widespread corruption inside the foundation.

The Auditor General of Norway (AGN) discovered the money transaction during an audit into the accounts to transfer money from section 163.71 “Humanitarian aid” and 164.70 , “Peace, reconciliation and democracy measures. For the years 2009 and 2010 were transferred 2.9 billion NOK were transported to these chapters on the government budget.

Money without documentation

In a letter of 22 April 2011 the AGN demand an explanation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MFA) . 10 of 15 foundations working for “peace” or “humanitarian aid” could not provide satisfactory evidence of their activities. Nevertheless, the payouts from MFA continued.

In 2010, the MEA paid 22 million to Henry Duante Center for Humanitarian Dialogue ( CHD ) after it had been revealed “rampant corruption ” inside CHD . This foundation is based in a luxury villa in Plantamour in Switzerland. AGN notes that Norway had contributed 70 percent of the donation proceeds to CHD . During 2009 and 2010, the HCD paid 93 million from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry .

On the Board of CHD sits former junior foreign minister, Vidar Helgesen ( Cons ). Helgesen is currently Secretary General of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA ), including collaborating with the “Palestinians ” in connection with the holding of elections in “occupied Palestine.”

More here. h/t: Pamela Geller

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