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This is the most significant part of the incident in my opinion, the party has been forbidden to publicly film counter-protesters on the streets

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Munich: A Whole City Against a Handful of Islam-Clarifiers

Munich: Michael Stürzenberger Attacked by Turkish Muselmaniac



During yesterdays rally at Munich’s Rotkreuzplatz  Michael Stürzenberger, the most courageous man in Europe, again involved passers-by in intensive discussions about the many anti-constitutional commands of the Koran. A  Muselmaniac denied  it, as usual, until he was shown the original Arabic Quran from Saudi Arabia. He grabbed it and wanted to run off with it.

Suddenly, another Muslim from the back rushed up fast and hit the national chairman of the BAVARIAN FREEDOM PARTY in the face with his fist. Stürzenberger’s glasses shattered into three pieces and flew to the ground. He was bleeding from a cut below the eye. Four police officers pounced on the Turkish Muslim, threw him to the ground and held him there.

Photos or film footage of the attack are unavailable, unfortunately, because the local council of the city of Munich has forbidden the FREEDOM PARTY to film or photograph counter-demonstrators. Clearly the City Council has a vested interest to prevent that the general public will be alerted to how aggressive  and violent Muslims and left-wing extremists are  in Munich.

Posted on  by Baron Bodissey/GoV/

Michael Stürzenberger is one of the most courageous men in Europe today.

As reported in this space last spring, the state government of Bavaria identified the political party Die Freiheit and the Munich branch of the website Politically Incorrect as potentially anti-constitutional, due to their negative stance towards Islam. Since then the authorities have done everything in their power, short of an outright ban on the party and the website, to prevent the citizens of Munich from supporting Die Freiheit and its petition drive against a new mosque.

JLH has translated an article from Politically Incorrect by Michael Stürzenberger with the latest on the campaign of repression. The translator includes this introductory note:

After reading Rembrandt Clancy’s translation of the plight of Christians in Syria, I am tempted to regard this as a comment on the attitude of Western Christianity to its suffering brethren. The twisted argument of accusing Islam-critics of cynically making use of “innocent Christian” victims to blame Muslims (should we blame the Buddhists or the Vikings?) could until recently have existed in “1984” or the court of Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen, but now apparently passes for logic in Western Christendom.

Michael Stürzenberger, whom we first encountered at Politically Incorrect as columnist and accomplished interviewer of Hans-Peter Raddatz, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and others, joinedDie Freiheit, won an internal election which left him in charge in Munich, and caused the desertion of a number of moderates. His subsequent career as a “crusader” against the planned EU Islamic center in Munich, including numerous impromptu speeches and encounters in service of the petition, makes me think of him as the Ted Cruz of so-called conservatism in German politics.

The translated article:

Munich: A Whole City Against a Handful of Islam-Clarifiers

by Michael Stürzenberger

Right now, Munich is the best example of how a handful of explicators of Islam can completely discombobulate a city that is sick unto death with the leftist-red-green disease. An overwhelming alliance of almost all parties in the City Council, churches and unions is mobilizing against Die Freiheit and its citizen initiative. Mayor Ude is having flyers printed, warning citizens not to sign. His Munich SPD is running the “unsubscribe” campaign, urging citizens to withdraw their signatures. How afraid these PC hypocrites must be that the citizens of Munich will speak out against the construction of this Islamic center!

At our demonstration in the extremely enriched quarter of Munich, Hasenbergl, the proprietor of the Mira shopping center had a stand erected just before the entrance to 504 Schleißheimerstraße, where Ude’s flyer was displayed. Paid for, by the way, by Munich taxpayers.

[Picture of stand with announcement from the “Department Against Right-Extremism,” warning that the leaders of the petition drive — the local chapter of Die Freiheit and the Munich segment of PI — are being surveilled by the Bavarian security office because their activities are damaging to the constitution, so be careful about giving or leaving your signature in support of the petition.]

As I was taking pictures of it, three immigrant-looking types came out. One of them — possibly the proprietor — wanted to forbid my taking pictures. He tried to stop me by saying that this harassment of his customers would become widely known.

Added to that, there was the injunction to withdraw signatures already given.

[Picture of another flyer featuring the emblem and endorsement of a variety of parties, agencies and religious groups in the city.]

Like the Gauls, we are surrounded. Not by Roman legions, but by leftist infiltrated parties, organizations and especially churches. First and foremost the Evangelische, which is sometimes designated as a leftist-infected organization, collaborating with Islam. Those in Munich are leading the way:

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  1. Germans feeding the snakes, that are ready to bite them.

    It’s pay back time for Europe.
    Lesson learned: 6 million Jews perished during WW2, only to be replaced today by 60 million of (TT edit).

  2. I recently discovered that Mel Blanc was a messenger sent by heaven.

    Mel Blanc was sent by heaven and Warner Bros. carried His messages. I feel I must inform the world of this and promptly, before someone else gets hurt. Why? Because, just the other day at work in the sour kraut factory, some insolent vagabond mocked Elmer Fudd (pbuh), so I tossed his profane self into the cabbage shredder and rid the world of him.

    Those of us holding profound beliefs are entitled to see them respected.

    They better be, or I gotta tell’ya, that’s all folks.

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