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Hopefully a drone is locking on her position right about now.

female terrorist leader of kenya attack taunts authorities with tweet whereabouts 13.10.2013

A message posted in the last few days says she is in Somalia – the first hint of her location since last month’s Kenyan mall massacre.

British Muslim convert Lewthwaite – dubbed the White Widow – is believed to have helped plan the attack in which 67 innocent people died.

Her tweet reads: “Many rivers to cross, but I can’t seem to find my way over wandering, I am lost as I travel along the mountains of Galgala…”

Galgala is a remote area of Somalia, close to the small town of Bari.

In recent months, it is believed militants from the Al-Shabab terror network – who are helping hide her – have been posting messages on her behalf.

Last year, it was revealed that Lewthwaite – widow of 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay – had written a chilling online diary while on the run.

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