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This is the reason why multiculturalism is an disruptive and immoral force.

Having an all inclusive and diverse ethnic society (from destinations friendly to western way of life) is a plus for any state, as long as the host culture of that state is upheld, and first and foremost, used as a means to assimilate newcomers bringing their own cultural heritage with them. Multiculturalism however, loosens the binding nature of the host culture, and by default, pits one culture against the other in a never ending game of one culture out to better the other and dividing the nation in the process.

canadian school drop christmas and halloween for african drumming 7.10.2013

WINNIPEG — Some parents are upset at the decision by a Winnipeg school to cancel Halloween.

They’re also annoyed the annual Winter Concert has been replaced by an evening of African drumming.

Hastings School offers classes to children from Grade 1 to Grade 8.

Parent Stephen Meleck says he’s “pretty worked up” while parent Diane Traverse says it’s taking Halloween and Christmas away from the children.

She says both holidays have been celebrated before and she thinks to cancel them now implies they are wrong.  More here.

NOTE: Over at Vlad’s, there is an interesting piece by Cynthia Yacowar-Sweeney that sheds even more light on the controversy:

Winnipeg’s Hasting School, presently at the centre of a controversy regarding the cancellation of this year’s Christmas and Halloween celebrations, is part of the very same school division where a dozen Muslim families who recently arrived in Canada, went to demand their children be excused for Islamic reasons, from the elementary school music and co-ed physical education programs, both compulsory, back in 2011.

Read it all here.

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