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The Islamofauxbes!

What’s interesting is the fact that the Left, and other supporters of mass migration of 3rd world peoples to the West, wouldn’t dare voice a concern over Jordanian concerns, but if a Western country voices those exact same concerns, then it’s a major concern to be concerned with.

NOTE: Colonialism (read multiculturalism, major shifts in population from the 3rd world to the West) is never a concern for the Left, crony (fake) capitalists and for some extremist Libertarians.

H/T: Fjordman

That growing look of permanence is deeply unsettling to Jordan, which over the decades has weathered large-scale migrations of refugees, among them Iraqis and Palestinians, as well as the accompanying, existential threats to its fragile demographic balance.

jordanian worry as syrian refugees in the land deepn their roots 9.10.2013

“This helps us forget the war,” said Dalal al-Mansour, 35, smiling at her children who were splashing around inside the four-level family fountain one recent afternoon.

With no end to the 30-month-old war back home, some Syrian refugees are seemingly settling in for the long haul by recreating fixtures of their past domestic lives: paved courtyards with decorative water fountains. One man even built a swimming pool in his courtyard.

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