Stamp these bastards out once and for all.

If Greece falls, the GD is as to blame for the crisis in government as anyone else in politics, for giving Socialists and radical Leftists a sense of credibility (who are to blame for the bloated welfare state) and for clouding over serious issues (fiscal and social, such as anti-Islamization polices) that demand reasoned minds, not goose stepping 1930’s-40’s throwbacks.

golden dawn knew about murder 2.10.2013

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  1. Golden Dawn is emotion based politics. They personify the general feeling of the locals to the EU and the immigrant takeover of Greece. Getting rid of them will solve nothing, as bad as they are. In fact it would probably only embolden the next 10 fascist groups standing behind them to step up to the plate. The Greek government would do better by examining the root causes of why they are where they are today, but we all know that wont happen. Instead we’ll have more anti-racism and tolerance and bail-outs that will ensure that fascism is all but assured in Greece. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

  2. Quote:
    They personify the general feeling of the locals to the EU and the immigrant takeover of Greece.

    And that “general feeling” should not be dismissed because it is based on observations of the present and a knowledge of history. The Ottomans enslaved Greeks, took away their children, colonized them harshly for hundreds of years, committed genocide against their communities in Turkey, and you say there’s only a “general feeling” of dislike of these Oriental immigrants?
    Really? Does it emerge from some kind of irrational cloud? Golden Dawn doesn’t know any of this, all they are is irrational.
    You need people who know the history of oppression against the Greeks will act rationally to defeat the cultures that want to replace that of Greece.
    I’m still amazed that any Greek would allow a person who put the yoke onto his ancestors, forced them into the kul class and even Janissary class of slaves in the Ottoman Empire, to emigrate to his country to live off an informal Jizyah. A few centuries don’t make much difference if your prophet demands that you conquer the infidel.
    To say that Islam is profane is not racist. To say it spreads by the sword is not unfair.
    To criticize the high birthrates of Muslims as immigrants is not unfair.
    To call Muslims the conquerors and holders of slaves is not untrue.

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