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The case finally comes to an end, I would have rather have seen him incur massive net losses in business as a result of the business world giving him the cold shoulder, than the use of hate speech laws to fine him only 45 000 euros, but I’m glad he was made to suffer some financial loss nonetheless.

Kärkkäinen convicted over anti-semitic rants

The editor of a Finnish freesheet has been convicted of inciting hatred against an ethnic group. Juha Kärkkäinen will have to pay a fine based on his income the company that publishes his Magneettimedia newspaper will face a 45,000 euro fine.

Kuvassa näkyy magneettimedia ja sen yksi artikkeli.
Image: Kreeta-Maria Kivioja / Yle

The Ylivieskä-Raahe district court found that articles published in the Magneettimedia newspaper, which is distributed free of charge in the Lahti, Oulu and Kokkola areas, had incited hatred against Jews.

The Kärkkäinen retailer, which publishes the paper, has been ordered to pay a 45,000 euro fine and remove the offending articles from the Magneettimedia website. Juha Kärkkäinen had claimed in court that his publication was an alternative media outlet, publishing information that mainstream media organisations would not.

The court rejected that argument, finding that the articles constituted hate speech, but did not grant the prosecutor’s request for a suspended jail term.

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