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Customers and advertisers staying away in droves, mission completed.

This proves my point, that within the real civil society, the vast majority of people, being of decent and honest character, will vote with their pocket books. We do not need government involvement in civil cases, nor their hate speech laws.

The significance of this development can’t be overstated. The tiny religious community of Lestadiolainen‘s who comprise the lion share of customers that Kärkkäinen oy services, are voting with their pocket books since the outbreak of the scandal, and avoiding Kärkkäinen stores, that amazing fact is accompanied with the welcome severe drop in advertisers, who are no longer willing to work with the department chain due to its antisemitic paper.

Folks, what’s desired is a change in public attitude, that being, no longer willing to tolerate the promotion of antisemitism, and that is what is exactly occurring, simply by the media, alternative media, and social sites, reporting what this editor was up to. Hate speech laws are simply not needed. The mission here IMHO, is already completed.

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NOTE: This is a Tundra Tabloids’ translation

kärkkäinen fine halved- customers staying away from stores 1.10.2013

The amount in fines demanded from Magnetic Media publisher J. Kärkkäinen Oy for publishing antisemitic articles has been reduced significantly.

When the company’s principal shareholder and Magnetic Media editor Juha Kärkkäistä was charged for ethnic agitation in May of last year, the Prosecutor’s Office announced for the upcoming trial a demand for 90 000 euros in fines against J. Kärkkäinen Oy.

The Prosecutor’s Office does not conduct the charge in the Ylivieska Raahe District Court, that role is the responsibility of the prosecutor’s office in Oulu District Prosecutor, run by Ilpo Lehto. He announced Monday night after the end of the hearing, to halve the amount called for against the company to EUR 45 000.

The prosecution changed its mind, due to the fact that the Prosecutor General’s Office basing its claim on information contained in J. Kärkkäinen Oy’s financial situation that was brighter than the reality of the figures that Lehto was presented with on Monday.

The prosecutor also indicated in the requirement that the general fine would be halved, the accompanying consequences in sanctions caused by the writings of J. Kärkkäinen Oy. By this he meant, among other things, that the company’s announcement that the number of customers has dropped significantly in recent months.

“Outsiders advertisers have dropped out since July, August and September. The drop is significant. It is clearly more than 90 000. The impact can be even greater, because of the customer feedback, customers will avoid making a purchase from us,” the court heard J. Kärkkäinen Oy, Chairman of the Board Kare Kotiranta explained.

 “Demand relates to a wrong desire”

The company, defended by lawyer, Markku Fredman, pointed out by J. Kärkkäinen Oy, have taken steps, to prevent similar entries from being repeated. Among other things, this is why the judgement of a fine in his view, would be unreasonable. This is the first time it is being demanded for the sentencing in a freedom of expression related crime.

The prosecution claims that in addition to the fine J. Kärkkäinen Oy needs to remove all writings described in the indictment. According to Fredman, the Company’s Board of Directors can not go and censor the texts published by Juha Kärkkäinen. The requirement of material removal would then have to be by Juha Kärkkäinen, not the company, Fredman said.

The district court gives a ruling on a corporate fine and on charges against Juha Kärkkäinen on 21st of October.

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