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According to Finns Youth League Chairman Simon Elo, the same mosque had invited Islamic fundamentalist Muslim preacher Khalid Yasin to speak in Finland.

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Man coming out of mosque attacked church on evening of Islam debate

30.10.2013 24:43 UPDATED 12:59 | RADIO DEI | KAI KORTE’S

Mosque become a man struck the church of Islam during the evening

A man dressed in a Muslim outfit broke the windows of a Roihuvuori church and shouted threats in front of the church on Tuesday evening. The police have taken into custody the ethnic Finnish male suspected of the offense, who took attacked the church on the night of the YLE 2’s Ajankohtaisen Kakkosen Islam evening.

There were a number of eye-witnesses . They said that the man came to the church, from the mosque on the opposite side. The man was dressed in a pale Muslim robe.

– The window to the Church’s main door was smashed with the throwing of very large sized rock. It was at the same time as the program [of the Kakkosen Islam night] was going on. The case is now being handled by the police, says the vicar of the parish Roihuvuori Timo Pekka Kaskinen to Radio Dei .

At the time of the incident, the cantor was practicing with volunteers at the Roihuvuori church,

– I was able to meet up with the Cantor later that night. While this was obviously a very daunting experience, Kaskinen described.

The police were summed to the Church and the broken glass was repaired. The man behaved in a threatening manner to the glass repairman who quickly arrived at the scene. eyewitnesses have recounted that the perpetrator refused to allow the worker to repair the window and said that the act was a message of warning to the church.

– According to him[the repairman] it was a threatening situation, but very quickly over, Kaskinen says.

After leaving the church  the Muslim dressed returned to the mosque, where the police arrested the man. The vicar Timo Pekka Kaskinen does not want to guess the motive.

– I do not at this stage want to go speculate about the motives. I have not met with the man. What’s in question is a Finnish person, that’s the information that I have. The perp was seen on the grounds. What’s important to me is the piece of information that it was not a foreigner commented Kaskinen to Radio Dei.

– After all, we know that it’s the work of only one person, and any one person in the community can act strangely.

According to Kaskinen the mosque on the opposite side of the Roihuvuori Church has not yet been contacted them about Tuesday night’s events. Roihuvuori parish emphasizes that he does not want to risk church relations with the local Muslim community over the event.

– We have an idea that we could get access to the local Muslim community and I do not want to burden the situation to no avail because of this.

Roihuvuori case more Radio Dei, I hope Daily on Wednesday, 30.10. at 14-16.

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  1. Just another example of how Islam creates problems where no problems existed previously.

    1. If I could vote your comment I would, +100

  2. I hope the situation wherein a pious man was forced to defend his faith with found implements is carefully investigated and the appropriate Christians brought to justice.

    Too bad we can’t bring those disbelievers into a Sharia court where Allah’s wraith will be sated. But we’re working on it!

  3. And this my dear fellow soft Christians is why we are losing the battle, because as the vicar states ‘ he does not want to lose relations with the mosque’
    If the mosque was interested mr vicar, they would have spoke to you and condemned this attack.they’re not interested in the kuffir.
    Christians are being killed daily around the world yet you still want to be the muzzrats friend ???
    Their violence is winning as you do NOTHING..

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