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Obama rule number 1, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight:


The main problem for the GOP, is that it’s entirely run by unprincipled, feckless and clueless fools, who are more than willing to ‘cut a deal’, than to stand for the guiding principles of its party platform. Mix that mentality with a hardened Marxist bent on the ‘fundamental transformation’ (socialization) of American society, and who’s team in both houses are permanently in attack mode, with an opposition which attacks its own base of support, then you have the ‘perfect storm’ in America’s political arena.

NOTE: With a solid conservative running against Obama, there is no way this Marxist could have won, twice.

H/T: Anne Lieberman via Boker Tov Boulder

QuotesThe Republican Party is still playing this game

by Washington rules

while Obama is playing it by Chicago rules …


Daniel Greenfield: Beating Obama

…. The only thing Obama truly cares about is his popularity. It is the one thing he will defend at all costs. The Tea Party has done a good job of wearing down ObamaCare, but its real triumph will come if it succeeds in stealing enough momentum from Obama to make its own agenda into a national topic.

It did that briefly with the national debt. If it can do it again and in a bigger way, if it can win a popular mandate for its own issues, then it can steal Obama’s only real source of power and beat him for good.

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