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Finnish antisemitism.

This nasty conspiracy anti-semite sure wants to bankrupt himself, in Finland they have hate speech laws (everyone regularly reading the TT knows exactly how I feel about these laws, self defeating etc.) and Juha Kärkkäinen just had to shell out over 45 000 euros in fines for his recent conviction of incitement against Jews in Finland over a series of antisemitic publications in his grocery store chain’s free paper, Magneettimedia.

Now he’s at it again with guest pen antisemitic screed by Markku Juutinen, which can be summed up as a pathetic attempt at portraying Juha Kärkkäinen as a victim in spite of his conviction of incitement of Jews in Finland. He names the Jewish Community Council and an individual from Oulu (northern Finnish town) that spurred the investigation into Käkkäinen’s piece ”World’s powerful US is the puppet of the Zionists”. The article goes on to describe the charges, the trial, and the excuses given, such as the paper is ”an alternative media publishing material other media refuses to publish” etc..

magnettimedia anti-zionist toon and antisemitic article continues 24.10.2013

”In this context, the prosecutor’s claims, and Illman’s hassling give the message that freedom of expression should be respected in Finland in accordance to the interests of the outright dangerous nuclear power Israel and USA’s imperialist ambitions which are controlled by the Israel lobby.”

Juutinen then goes on to define a semite as meaning not just Jews, but a whole array of other peoples etc etc… also, being anti-zionist is not antisemitism and so forth. The real aim of the piece is to show how Kärkkäinen is such a victim, a victim of a witch hunt to be exact, and at the behest of the Zionist elite in the US.


”Why hasn’t the Hollywood film industry been charged?

It is well known that the Hollywood film industry is managed and controlled by a known group. Often in these films, the part of the hero and sympathetic characters are, directly or through the subconscious, linked to the Israel-sympathetic collective.

In these films those heavily insulted are the Christians and Muslims in the world. Representatives of the Christian world, or “white people” are in the film’s villain role: they are racists, robbers, burglars, murderers, etc. The Christian world’s healthiest principles are trodden in the mud and desecrated. In general, the ‘given oligarchy’s’ influence on the mainstream media puts the spotlight on all the diseased and rotten entertainment and in social media publications.”

The rest of the piece ponders why the entertainment industry isn’t charged for crimes against humanity, ” it’s because the same cabal controls free speech and guard it with an inquisition-like mentality”. Like I said, it’s a pure victim-card piece, which uses all the same tropes and buzz words to lead the reader to the final conclusion, Jews control.

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