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Talk about a big target painted on his back.

He was the toast of the Islamic world in his traveling Muslim scam band, seeking to inflame the Islamic world over the dread cartoons of Mo, and a few extra they cooked up themselves. Now since he regrets doing that, he’s targeted by the same rage mob he peddled his wares to a few years ago.

Islam critic refuses to back down despite rock-throwing incident

October 30, 2013 – 16:12
Ahmed Akkari is going to carry on with his speaking tour despite police arresting fifteen people and confiscating 209 maroons at his latest meeting in Aarhus yesterday
Ahmed Akkari (middle) was under constant protection by the police at a meeting in Aarhus last night (Photo: Scanpix)

Islam critic and former imam Ahmed Akkari was escorted home by the police after a meeting in Gellerup Parken housing estate in Aarhus last night.

Martin Kjær Jensen, a reporter for the tabloid BT, arrived with Akkari and said people began throwing rocks at them upon their arrival.

“Someone threw rocks at the taxi Akkari was in,” he said. “I was in the car with him and we had to run a red light to get away.”

15 people arrested
Although Akkari was surrounded by 40 police officers who also established stop-and-search zones, it didn’t keep some young people from harassing him and lighting maroons.

Today police released the 15 people they arrested during the course of the evening. They also reported that they confiscated 209 maroons they suspect were to be set off during the meeting.

Akkari has come under criticism from within the Muslim community for announcing in July that he regretted travelling through the Middle East in 2005 in order to encourage groups there to call on Denmark to officially apologise for Jyllands-Posten newspaper’s printing of the Mohammed cartoons earlier that year.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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