Islamic Supremacy Israeli/Palestinian Conflict



It’s the only way they know, Mohamed’s way.

This is how the Arabs always approached each and every encounter with the Israeli counterparts in the badly misnamed ”peace process”. They’ve always show a united front in the face of a democracy with multiple parties full of opinions and supposed ‘solutions’. The Arabs know that they’re propaganda on Europe has in large measure worked, aided by traditional antisemitism that now exhibits itself in irrational anti-Israel hatred.

There is no ‘peace process’, any more than there is between the Greeks and the Turks in the illegal Turkish occupation of N.Cyprus, or between the India and Pakistan over Kashmir. It’s only in the Arabs’ dirty terrorist war against the Jewish state of Israel that the ‘peace process’ is imagined, as if belief alone will usher in an utopia for the region.

This Arab MK, Ibrahim Sarsour, is in fact a traitor to the state, and should never have been allowed to run for the Knesset. The fact that he is an elected politician / anti-Israel activist, shows the lengths Israel will go to try and placate the Arabs, but they’re not interested in stopping there, they (the Arabs) want it all, and they have shown the patience in waiting for it, no matter how long the wait.

That fact is what should be driving Israeli policy, the fact that Ibrahim Sarsour is making a very Arab/Islamic supremacist demand, a very sharia orientated demand. It’s not a political situation (in the Western sense of the word) that they’re addressing, but an Islamic one, which means a return to Islamic norms in the land, no Jewish state,  that is what should be addressed. Just look at the once Christian majority of Lebanon.

Arab MK: Israel Must Submit to Arab Demands or Disappear

MK Sarsour says Israel threatens stability and security of the Middle East in failing to make peace with the Palestinians.

By Dalit Halevi, Ari Yashar

First Publish: 10/30/2013, 11:37 AM
Arab MK Tzartzur

Arab MK Tzartzur
פלאש 90

On Wednesday MK Ibrahim Sarsour of the Arab Ra’am-Ta’alparty accused the Israeli government of endangering Middle East stability in failing to make peace with the Palestinians, declaring that Israel must either submit to Arab demands or disappear.

He further claimed Israel was the “sole cause” preventing advances in the peace talks because it continues to refuse to withdraw to the 1949 ceasefire lines, divide Jerusalem and let Arabs who fled in 1948 return with their descendants.

Sarsour concluded by threatening that “whoever doesn’t agree to divide Palestine into two countries…will deal with…a demand for all of Palestine from the sea to the [Jordan] river.”

He added that Israel has to decide to exist while recognizing all Palestinian rights, such as the right of refugee return, or else “cease existing.”

The statements were made in the course of his speech before the Knesset plenum, concerning the vote of no confidence which he presented on behalf of the Arab parties.

Sarsour’s position mimics the Palestinian Authority (PA) statement, also from Wednesday, which called the Israeli demands for security a “hardline position.” Meanwhile, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas declared at the celebratory welcome of 26 murderers released Tuesday night as a peace talk “gesture” that there would be no peace until all Arab terrorists were released.

More here. H/T: Alexis Worlock via Louise Williams


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