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The Finnish state broadcaster YLE is a joke.

Muhammad Azzizi (Kurd), a recently elected city councilman in Turku is quoted as saying that evening on YLE’s Ajankohtainen Kakkonen Islam Evening, that:

Do you really think I want to have sharia law in Finland? I am the representative of a small group in the community and I prove every day that I can live as a good citizen in Finland. Do we really believe that most Muslims want Sharia? Wake up, said Muhammad Azzizi which is city councilman in Turku.

I’d say the answer to that is emphatically, yes! He’s the same guy who helped organize a protest in Helsinki against the Norwegian embassy in relation to two other Kurds who burned the koran in Norway, demanding their punishment, and a law in Finland forbidding the same.

So no, Muhammad Azzizi is not a good Finnish citizen, for no ”good citizen” would want to crimp the free speech of other citizens, by forcing his ideology’s mores on the rest of us in the public square. To quote Daniel Greenfield in his latest article, The Desert of Islamization;

When a Muslim imposes his religious identity on someone else, he is engaging in Islamization. That is the difference between Mark, the Mormon taxi driver who refuses to drink alcohol and Mohammed, the Muslim taxi driver who refuses to drive a passenger carrying alcohol.

Mark is practicing his religion in a public space. Mohammed is imposing his religion in a public space. Mark’s religion can be accommodated because his choices extend to his own body. Mohammed’s religion cannot be accommodated because it hijacks any public space that he exercises influence over by attempting to Islamize it. Islamization causes conflict, terrorism and war.

Muhammad Azzizi is a sharia supporting Muslim, he’s busy trying to enforce Islamic norms on public behavior on a non-Muslim society. It’s so ingrained in his thinking, ( giving the benefit of the doubt here) that he doesn’t see the inconsistency with how he’s trying to portray himself, a ‘moderate’ Muslim living in a modern non-Muslim state.

kurds in finland protest koran burn in norway. 4.3.2012

Muhammad Azzizi (circled) holds a sign reading: “Freedom of speech doesn’t justify the defaming of another’s religion”.

Yes it does, freedom of speech means the freedom to express opinions that others might find offensive, it is exactly that speech which is in deed of protecting, not with speech you agree with. Evelyn Beatrice Hall once wrote: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

This is something that -though under constant attack- the overwhelming majority of Finns would agree with, it forms the basis of political thinking for the modern Finnish state, and something that Muhammad Azzizi could never agree with, because he owes far more allegiance to Islamic thinking, than with the state he pretends to serve.

YLE once again shows itself to be the hack news organization I know it to be, it pushes an ideological agenda in the form of news providing, and should no longer be able to fund itself off of the private taxpayer it’s trying to indoctrinate.

NOTE:  Kurdish Islamic fundamentalist preacher, Mullah Krekar, was handed a five year sentence for threatening the lives of the two koran burning Kurds, and since the Kurdish community in Scandinavia are closely knit, it’s not unreasonable to believe that there might be some collusion between Azzizi and Krekar, but that would be for a police investigative team or a real news agency to uncover. Yle sure isn’t interested.

Muslims look different on Sharia in Finland

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Mosque in the West UusimaaCopyright YLE / Margaret Sandstrom

The tone of the debate on Islam in Ajankohtainen Kakkonen at Yle last night was quiet and subdued. Sharia law and the status of women aroused the liveliest debate.

Sharia law is Islamic law based on the Koran and the Islamic prophet Mohammed’s statements. The view of the status of Islamic law should play in society also differs among Muslims in Finland.

– Allah has created man and he has passed the laws. We should have sharia in Finland, said Ahmed Fadil who is a teacher of Islam. Fadil believes that the only remedy is to impose sharia as the law of Allah, according to him there to do a man’s life as good as possible and bring him or her closer to Allah.

Anas Hajjar, imam and president of the Islamic Society of Finland considers that one should consider some rules of sharia could be started among Muslims:

– It would be important to have matters relating to marriage, divorce and inheritance arranged in a better way. I’m still not ready to say which model would work best in Finland, said Anas Hajjar.

Sharia contains mundane rules on how a good Muslim should live. Among other criminal laws and views on the status of women is not consistent with the UN Declaration on Human Rights.

Penal laws of Sharia are extremely strict. For example, homosexuality is forbidden and the penalty for open homosexuality is death.

– Islam sees all relationships outside marriage as sinful, explained Imam Abbas Bahmanpour. Bahmanpour was not talking for himself that Sharia should be introduced in Finland.

Mohammad Azizi is city councilman in Turku out that most Muslims in Finland do not speak for sharia:

– Do you really think I want to have sharia law in Finland? I am the representative of a small group in the community and I prove every day that I can live as a good citizen in Finland. Do we really believe that most Muslims want Sharia? Wake up, said Muhammad Azzizi which is city councilman in Turku.

Abdi Rahim Hussein, deputy city councilman in Helsinki highlighted that most Muslims in Finland follows the middle path:

– We have heard the views of the extremists. I myself am married according to Finnish law, but by marriage, we considered also the rules that the Qur’an advocates. It is possible to combine a life of a good Muslim with Finnish legislation. Most Muslims living in Finland would naturally follow Finnish law, said Hussein.

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