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Saudi sheikh Ali al Hemki declares fatwa against manned missions to Mars

A SAUDI sheikh has issued a fatwa against anyone wanting to travel to Mars.

A member Saudi Arabia’s board of religious scholars Sheikh Ali al Hemki has criticised the Mars One project which is attempting to organise a commercial mission to the red planet and has drawn expressions of interest from more than 200 thousand people worldwide.

The Ah Hayat newspaper quotes him as saying the mission does not conform to “responsible Muslim” practices.

“These experiments will lead to the destruction of those who try,” and so should be done with animals, not people,” he said.

“Believers should not should throw themselves into their own hands into perdition. ”

While 477 Saudi citizens have applied for the mission, only six have so far been accepted.

The Mars One project aims to create the first human settlement on the Solar System’s second-smallest planet.

More than 2500 Australians have applied for the one-way trip to Mars, which will double as a reality TV show.

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  1. It’s a crying shame that a fatwa has been made against travel to Mars, especially as the Saudis were so close to landing a manned mission there. Now they’ll have to cancel their space program immediately.
    Everyone knows that Muslim technology is far superior to ours, especially with all the science that they have in the Qu’ran…..
    Hang on, what’s that you say? There is no Saudi space program? Muslims don’t have superior technology? The Qu’ran is a load of twaddle?
    So this fatwa makes no difference whatsoever, to anyone, anywhere, apart from the few Muslims who have signed up to fly on the Mars One Project.
    It’s just as well, really. If Muslims were allowed to board a spacecraft to Mars, it would never get to Mars. It would probably be hijacked and flown into the nearest skyscraper!

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