anti-semitism in Norway



Welcome to reality!

finally admitting that which we have known all along, antisemitism in Norway is an everyday occurrence, and something that the cultural/political elite have tried to hide. Welcome to reality, what took you so long?


A European shame

75 YEARS AFTER THE CRYSTAL NIGHT lives a large number of European Jews still in fear. Many dare not use Jewish symbols. Personal anti-Semitic attacks increased sharply in many countries. Jews who are experiencing physical assault, failing to report them. They feel that reporting does not lead to anything.

This is Our Land newspaper that refers to a survey EU’s own Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has conducted among 5100 Jews in nine countries. The study will be presented in a couple of weeks before the 75th anniversary of the Kristallnacht.

Norway is not in FRA survey. Pastor of the Jewish community in Oslo, Ervin Kohn, told Our Country that he believes the situation is worse on the continent than in Norway. The reason for this is that part of the hostile attitude coming from Muslim populations, and this group is smaller in Norway than in many other European countries. Unfortunately, there is little consolation.

ALSO FOR NORWEGIAN JEWS are affected by the development. We know from previous research, which shows that there are Norwegian Jewish students who must hide his Jewishness in school. And Ervin Kohn says although Jews who take their kippaen before they go over the Muslim-dominated district of Greenland. Jew is used again as an insult in this country. It’s a shame, in a country that wants to be free and open.

EUROPEAN survey says that half of all Swedish Jews avoid using symbols that identify them as Jews. In France, the figure is 40 percent. The greatest risk of direct attack runs Jews in Hungary, where 30 percent of respondents have personally experienced anti-Semitic incidents in the past year.

The Norwegian Jewish psychologist Berit Reisel shows that developments in Europe has coincided with the Muslim population has grown – a population that has little knowledge of European history. It means that many European Muslims primarily associate Jews with the conflicts in the Middle East, and know little about the Holocaust that occurred during World War II. FRA has asked the 5,100 Jews from the hold they experience anti-Semitism comes from. According to Our Country is experiencing 27 percent said the perpetrators were Muslims, 22 percent point to the leftists, while 19 percent refers to the right-wing.

FROM SWEDEN reported that the number of anti-Semitic crimes were particularly high in a period Israel was heavily criticized for its war in Gaza.The same has also seen here in Norway. But a Norwegian Jew can not be held responsible for Israeli policy. Just as a Norwegian Muslim be held accountable for the policies implemented in the individual Muslim countries.Each of us has the right to be regarded as a free and independent people, no matter what group we belong to.

Soon it will be 75 since Kristallnacht. On the night of 10 November 1938, when German and Austrian Jews were fair game. The Nazis destroyed synagogues, homes and shops. 91 Jews were killed. The day after, 30, 000 Jews arrested and sent to concentration camps.

FEAR THAT INCREASES AGAIN, is a shame for Europe. No country can settle down with the situation, while parts of our Jewish population living in fear because of their faith. And no group in society can evade its responsibility to improve the situation.


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