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The GOP is being run by a bunch of incompetents who attack their base. Say what you will about Democrats, but whether or not they are in the majority or in the minority, they do in fact go on the attack and attack hard…they’re relentless. It’s because they’re driven by their ideology, the establishment Republicans however, have lost their way, they don’t know what they believe in, hence their lack of interest in marketing it.

The point Mark Levin keeps hammering away at, was that Obama was ”low hanging fruit” in the last election, he now had a record to point to, yet the establishment GOP operatives couldn’t rally a message to defeat him with, because they have given up on conservatism (even though they give it ‘lip service’ when they have to, just around election time). Ronald Reagan would have trounced him with the exact same message he used to defeat Jimmy Carter.

NOTE: Here is Jeb Babbin’s piece laying out in concrete terms who’s to blame for the mess within the GOP, and why Cruz, Lee and a few others are the hope of the Republican party and of the nation.

H/T: Doris Wise Montrose

zombie establishment republicans 22.10.2013

We’ve seen this movie again and again. In the so-called “supercommittee” exercise of 2011, the Republicans were negotiating with themselves, not with Obama or even his congressional cohort. There was no negotiation or compromise in the 2012 “fiscal cliff” crisis or the twin debt ceiling and government shutdown crises this month. And there was no Establishment Republican strategy to even oppose Obama, far less to compel him to compromise.

After those sad experiences, it’s absolutely clear that the Republican establishment leadership — House Speaker John Boehner, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Boehner’s “leadership team” and senators like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the others opposed to Ted Cruz’s filibuster — have proven themselves incapable of devising any strategy that will rein in government spending or put a dent in Obamacare.

The Republican Establishment has nothing to offer other than their demand that conservatives keep silent. They are apparently content to let Obama continue to ravage our economy and destroy our power to influence events in other nations. Yet conservatives in the House joined with their weak sisters in giving Speaker Boehner a standing ovation when the deal to reopen the government was passed.

And that’s the root of the problem. Boehner can fail and still be lavishly praised.

More here.

Not to worry RINOS, the patron saint of the mediocrities of the world absolves you!

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