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An inquiring mind would ask, why is it that, YLE refuses to interview citizens whose jobs have been done away with and forced on the dole, as well as public services downsized, because the state can’t afford its continued utopian entitlement programs? Funding the ‘immigration/asylum industry‘ comes directly from the taxpayers’ pockets, there is no ‘free money’, someone has to pay.

You’ll never see these taxpayer funded hacks doing real journalism, they have too much invested in the welfare state and in their allegiances to the political establishment. Cronyism runs deep here as well.

Photography project focuses on asylum seekers

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Researchers at Tampere University want to use photography to investigate how asylum seekers see themselves and how they view authorities.

Turvapaikanhakija istuu nurmikolla ja nojaa puuhun.
Researchers plan to follow asylum seekers over six months. Image: Eeva Puumala

Asylum seekers can be pigeonholed when they arrive in Finland, with little attention paid to their joys and tragedies. Eeva Puumala of Tampere University wants to use photography to get beyond that stereotype and find out how asylum seekers themselves would like to be viewed.

More vomit inducing drivel available here.

NOTE: How about all those ethnic Finns ‘pigeonholed’ in the unemployment rank and file for decades on end, making a permanent class of the unemployed from one generation to the next. They say on the average it’s been around 8% for 4- 5 years, but when you realize that they never factor into the unemployment figure (officially around 217 000, out of a 5 million population) those who have given up looking for work, the numbers of those people are much much higher.

  • Statistics Finland: A person is unemployed if he/she is without work during the survey week, has actively sought employment in the past four weeks as an employee or self-employed and would be available for work within two weeks. A person who is without work and waiting for an agreed job to start within three months is also classified as unemployed, if he/she could start work within two weeks.


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