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The mindset of the Left: ”sanctimony always trumps reason”

The whiners and Israel nay-sayers will wail and gnash their teeth on how it’s unfair for Israel to limit with the Islamonazis can import into their enclave, but have nothing to say when those same materials are directed against the civilians of Israel.

A close TT source says:

“It has been interesting to follow the unfolding coverage of the story of the new Gaza tunnel. Many mainstream news organizations point out that Israel had long resisted allowing in shipments of cement and other construction materials on the grounds that they could be misdirected to hostile uses, and they further note that Israel just relaxed this restriction, and, well, you see the result.”

israel discovers terror tunnel 14.10.2013

Israeli military officials announced Sunday that they have discovered an underground tunnel that leads from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip into Israel. They say the tunnel could have been used for an attack against Israelis.

In response, the military said it suspended the flow of building materials to Gaza’s private sector. NPR’s Emily Harris reported earlier this month that Israel had just recently eased restrictions on shipping of building materials, something that was seen as a major step in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Here’s more from the The New York Times:

“Maj. Gen. Sami Turjeman, the Southern Command chief, said the freeze was ordered because Hamas, the Islamic militant group that controls Gaza, was using construction materials approved by Israel for civilian purposes to build tunnels like the one discovered recently.

Officials said Israel would continue to allow the transfer of construction materials for projects overseen by international organizations.”

More here.


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  1. With construction skill like that, there is no reason why the Palestinian Arabs can’t build a viable economy. Sadly, they pour their resources and effort toward killing Jews.

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