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He dared to equate multiculturalism with communism.

Tero Vaara has some unconventional opinions, but censorship is not the answer, more free speech is. Also, what do they have against his condemning fundamentalist Muslims for mutilating their daughters through FGM?

If you would ask most people if they would accept normal trends of immigration of people from similar societies that honor and respect western values, and who directly benefit Finnish society, there would be few people responding negatively.

NOTE: Also, I really dislike Jari Sarasvuo. Anyone who spends tens of thousands of Euros to host the one time impeached president Bill Clinton (who’s law licence was suspended for five years by the State of Arkansas, a serial womanizer, sexual abuser and consummate liar) to hear him bloviate on whatever the issue, is not a man of principle. He suffered a major loss in funds due to the vast array of empty seats in the auditorium.


tero vaara

Yle canceled  (music group) Mamba’s Tero Vaara appearance on TV program due to immigration critique.

Critical comments on immigration brought vocalist from the popular (Finnish) band Mamba, Tero Vaara, got him banned from YLE program.

IS: On the website of the nationalist Suomen Sisu Organisation, Tero Vaara published a guest blog post where criticizes, among other things, fundamentalist Islamists as the ”mutilators of their  daughters”.

Earlier Tero Vaara was told byYLE Broadcasting that he is not welcome to perform on the channel’s television program due to his opinions.

The matter became public on Thursday evening on the Sarasvuo  talk show program on Channel Four program , which Tero Vaara was Jari Sarasvuo’s guest .

– It is quite true that because of a poor public image this happened. But I do not want this kind of the Soviet Union here in Finland, because of an opinion work suffers, Tero Vaara commented on the program.

Tero Vaara told IS (Ilta Sanomat) that it stemmed form an interview on YLE’s Puoli seitsemän program (Seven Thirty) in 2011 , when he gave an interview in which he compared multiculturalism with communism .

– I said at the time that in multiculturalism everyone is forced to think in the same way.

– I was supposed to appear on the program as the main guest, but the program’s creators announced to our spokesman announced that due to a poor public image the visit is to be canceled.

H/T: Olli Immonen


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  1. As a news channel, YLE is a huge joke. Anytime there is a protest march against Israel, no matter how small, they broadcast it. Whenever there is a pro-Israel march, no matter how large, they ignore it.

  2. Multiculturalism is just another example of ideological stupidity masquerading as a wonderful gift to mankind promoted by self-serving politicians and left wing media hacks.

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