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It’s not any wonder that UK authorities and other international leaders inside and outside the halls of government are jubilant over the news of the EDL’s top guys defecting to the Quilliam Society, not only do they reduce an openly pro-Israel group of its leadership, they get them to align themselves with a de facto faux ‘moderate Muslim’ group hostile to Israel. This is what I think is called a ‘twofer’.

Which would you prefer: W.H. Abdullah Quilliam, or the hard-drinking “street thugs” of the EDL? I know which side I stand on.

Tommy and Kevin EDL

Now on to the GOV’s piece on W.H Abdullah Quilliam:


Our good friend Andrew Bostom has brought to our attention two Sharia-supremacist pronouncements by the British convert to Islam, William “Abdullah” Quilliam, from March and April of 1896. It should be noted that among his other accomplishments, Mr. Quilliam was responsible for the building of the first mosque in Britain.

Dr. Bostom includes this introductory note:

Quilliam protested Britain’s response to the bloody Mahdist jihad in the Sudan, admonishing Muslims (on March 24, 1896; cited here, p. 341) that any support whatsoever of “infidel” British soldiers was “contrary to the Sharia.” A month later (on April 20, 1896; cited here, pp. 173-4) Quilliam made plain his own aggressive, Pan-Islamic Caliphate dreams, denying national boundaries, “Among Muslims none should be known as Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Ajem, Afghans, Indians or English. They are all Muslims,” and proclaiming, “under the standard of the Khalifate [Caliphate], let us unite there, one and all, and at once!”

Below are the full texts and original sources. First, Quilliam on British foreign policy in Sudan:

In the name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful!

Peace be to all True-Believers to whom this shall come!

Know ye, O Muslims, that the British Government has decided to commence military and warlike operations against the Muslims of the Soudan, who have taken up arms to defend their country and their faith. And it is in contemplation to employ Muslim soldiers to fight against these Muslims of the Soudan.

For any True Believer to take up arms and fight against another Muslim is contrary to the Shariat, and against the law of God and his holy prophet.

I warn every True-Believer that if he gives the slightest assistance in this projected expedition against the Muslims of the Soudan, even to the extent of carrying a parcel, or giving a bite of bread to eat or a drink of water to any person taking part in the expedition against these Muslims that he thereby helps the Giaour against the Muslim, and his name will be unworthy to be continued upon the roll of the faithful.

Signed at the Mosque in Liverpool, England, this 10th day of Shawwal, 1313 (which Christians erroneously in their ignorance call the 24th day of March, 1896),

W.H. ABDULLAH QUILLIAM, Sheikh-ul-Islam of the British Isles.

[Source: The Crescent, March 25th 1896, Vol. VII, No. 167, p. 617; original punctuation and spelling retained.]

Secondly, a call for the World Caliphate:

 Read it all here.


4 Responses

  1. Politicians warn “far right threat remains” despite Tommy Robinson’s split from EDL

    Interesting that the ‘powers that be’ aren’t satisfied with the result of extreme coersion placed against Tommy, Kevin and company. . .already, they are upping the ante before the ink dries on yesterday’s news.

    1. Stalin never settled for knocking off a few generals. Everyone had to go.

  2. Beware where you step Tommy, there are snakes everywhere.

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