Mark Levin



Special thanks to The RightScoop for uploading this video, many thanks.

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  1. I’ve saved this video for later this week as now I don’t have the available time.

    But I’m a great fan of Mark Levin and know I will learn new things.

    Meantime having put up with a chronically disunited, lying, dissembling, utterly incompetent, wasteful ( and I mean really wasteful) Labor government in Australia who in the space of 6 years racked up 300 billion dollars debt, we now have a Conservative Coalition returned to government with a very persuasive mandate to return to sane economic management, and the green light to abolish the carbon tax and many of the ridiculous changes introduced purely on the basis of left wing ideological stupidity.

  2. BTW fellow bloggers, if any of you have come across material in print or on youtube claiming that the new Prime Minister of Australia (Tony Abbott) is a nasty right wing misogynist please understand that it is a total fabrication perpetrated by the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard. That was the beginning of the end for her.

    I’ll let that go now, because Australia is not seen elsewhere as of any great significance in the world at large but I’m told this lie and the confected outrage perpetrated by Gillard in parliament went viral.

    As Churchill once said: “A lie has gone half way around the world while truth is still struggling to put its pants on”.

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