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Raymond Ibrahim: AIDS and pregnant: Tunisian girl recounts her sex jihad in Syria

The Arabic media has been full of interviews with some of the many Tunisian girls that went to the sex jihad in Syria. The other day Tunisian newspaper Al Sharaouk (“Sunrise) shed light on the horrific experiences of one of these girls.

H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami

jihad brothels filling with aids 25.9.2013

“Jihad marriage” in Syria is pregnant and infected with “AIDS” and her unborn child as well.

It quoted the San fooled by the so-called Lamia (19 years), the tragedy experienced by, and the recognition of having sex with Pakistanis and Afghans and Libyans and Tunisians, Iraqis and Saudis, and Somalis in Syria under the guise of “jihad marriage,” adding that the first of the “Enjoy” in the Syrian city of Aleppo person Yemen walking armed group.


“Sunrise” explained that Lamia returned to Tunisia and once they reach the border crossing Ben Guerdane been suspended according to an announcement absent was her family in Tunisia made ​​by, and interrogated stated that it was in Syria among a group of women and girls Savrn for the purpose of marriage and Jihad Lamia underwent medical tests to prove she was infected with AIDS (UNAIDS). And medical tests also showed that she was pregnant in the fifth month and the fetus infected with the same disease.

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  1. Islam is a depraved death cult, and their first victims are women. You know what I don’t get? That in the West you have these Muslim women in high paying positions in academia, i.e., religious studies, pushing the ‘beauty’ of Islam, and deceiving the infidels as islamisation of the West proceeds. They are running interference for this depraved cult, that when in full control, would never let them have the opportunities they now enjoy. Can faith in a depraved cult blind you to reality? Absolutely.

  2. Oh well, if those satanic terrorists are not killed by Syrian Army, they will die by AIDS. (the only ones that i care for, are innocent non-muslims who could get the disease through those beasts)

    It’s (almost) a win-win situation for the world.

    And…this show us how ‘pure’ those immoral bastards are. They enjoy plenty of carnal pleasures

    Oh, their hypocrisy!

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