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The massive rebel coalition of al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists would disagree.

All this shows is that a handful of Arabs exist outside the mainstream Islamic thought that permeates the region. I shout my kudos to the man, but his chances of success are from nil to none. The watch word is ”A Europe-based Syrian-opposition political activist”.

NOTE: Thanks to Ariel for showing us that some of these people do in fact exist, it underlines the historical Israeli narrative that not all Arabs were homicidal maniacs towards Jews during the period of Jewish immigration to one section of the region known then as Palestine.

Asked why he does not use his real name, he responded that it could be dangerous for him, but that he wanted “a voice to get through from Syria to Israel.”

Syrian oppositionist quietly aims for normalization with Israel

09/11/2013 09:19

Political operative seeking a liberal, pro-Western Syria.

An Israeli soldier on the Golan Heights near Syria border

An Israeli soldier on the Golan Heights near Syria border Photo: Reuters

A Europe-based Syrian-opposition political activist who took part in the early stages of the uprising against the Syrian government told The Jerusalem Post he would like the Syrian and Israeli people to become partners, develop business connections and visit each other’s countries.

The activist, who goes by the pseudonym Amin Muhammad, is working on forming a liberal Syrian party that would be pro-West and seek the normalization of relations with Israel. Muhammad is in contact with Israeli politicians. The only one he agreed to name was Labor MK Isaac Herzog, who had helped arrange this interview.

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