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If it read ‘God is gay’ no one outside of the town in question would know about it.

Looks like city officials know full well that Muslims like to riot.

allah is gay brouhaha sweden

 Officials at a municipality in western Sweden were left scrambling on Wednesday after posting a YouTube clip to municipality’s Facebook page with a scene featuring a decal proclaiming “Allah is gay”.

The six-minute YouTube clip was put up on the Mellerud municipality Facebook page to promote a classic car meet up in Sunnanå Hamn on the shores of Lake Vänern.

“This is how things looked earlier in the summer,” the text accompanying the post read.

The video showed a number of classic cars, but at about the four minute mark, the camera zoomed in a decal on a motorbike that read, “Allah is gay” (Allah är bög), the Expressen newspaper reported.

When alerted to the fact that the clip featured a decal’s with such a controversial message, a spokesman for the municipality was left red-faced.

“If we’d seen the whole clip, we would never have put it up,” Lars Nilsson told the newspaper.

He explained that the clip was quite long, having been compiled by someone who had recorded the footage at a previous classic car event.

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