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No doubt millions lining to take up the offer, and the taxpayer coughs up the dough.

Israellycool‘s Brian of London: ”Ikea needs more staff?”

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

Suicidal morons, that’s what governs in Stockholm, turn out the lights the socialist party is over. They couldn’t care less what their people think about it, just enact one lame brain scheme after the other, with the grand finale being complete permanent residency and dissolving of the country. Utter buffoonery.

sweden offers permanent residency to all syrian refugees starting today 3.9.2013

Sweden is the first country in the EU to offer permanent residency to refugees from Syria, news agency TT reported.

The decision covers all asylum seekers from Syria who have been granted temporary residency in Sweden for humanitarian protection. They will now receive permanent residence permits, the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) announced on Tuesday.

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NOTE: Hans Erling Jensen (H/T) sends the following from Varg ei Veum who musters up an excellent response to the news that I publish in full because this has to be read in one sitting and disseminated broadly:

Hello refugees and non-refugees of the world.

september 3, 2013 — Varg i Veum

Are you starving? Does your government, family or anybodys family or relatives hate you? Isnt your prisons and hospitals exactly as “good” as Swedish hospitals and prisons? Do you or a relative of yours have a fatal disease that you can’t afford to treat? Doesn’t your country have welfare like Sweden? Do you live in a muslim country? Are you Christian (non-muslim) in a muslim country? Are you gay in a muslim country? (or some African countries where people hate people for being gay, but not Russian since your skin color is wrong) Are you just tired of having a hard life?

If so, you are welcome to spend rest of your life in Sweden, all of you. You can travel back to your country every year to visit relatives or find a spouse (and then the spouses relatives can come to live in Sweden too) many times taxpayers pay for your trip so you dont even have to do that.

You may not know it yet but you are actually Swedes, as soon as you put your feet on Swedish soil you are, by many Swedes, even the government, a real Swede! I bet you didn’t know that? You see, Swedes doesn’t really exist, they never have actually. Anybody is a Swede if you call yourself a Swede.

As a Swede you have the right to all the benefits of the Swedish welfare state, you don’t even have to contribute, the taxpayers happily pay for you with one of the highest taxes in the world (for individuals, not big corporations or millionaires)

If you don’t have the right according to UN specifications to call yourself a refugee, that is not a problem. Just make up some story, they never require any proof of your story, your word is good enough. But cruical here is the skin color. If you look white, they will question your motives.

If the extremely unlikely thing would happen; you don’t get the right to live in Sweden for the rest of your life, you don’t have to worry. Just call the papers or media, they will start a campaign for you. You may have to hide and become so called “papperslös”. That doesn’t mean you are NOT a Swede, it just means that you just haven’t got your papers. Media and the leftists will fix that for you. Meanwhile you of course get free healthcare and your children can go too school. You don’t have to worry about the police, media have them under control so they won’t dare to do their job.

So, you don’t have to worry. Welcome to Sweden and all your problems will be solved.

Don’t forget to mention this to everybody in your country.

Disclaimer: this only applies to non white people, and white people from “white” countries. If you do not have a whit skin color and live, let’s say in Italy or Greece. Then you are welcome to Sweden too.

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  1. How can the board do this? They have the power to just declare it? Even if they had to go the legislature, would the legislature approve it? Sweden is insane.

  2. I do not understand why Sweden wants to bankrupt itself. Has no one in the Swedish government taken courses in logistics?

  3. Swede: a round yellow fleshed root vegetable, rutabega. The final proof.
    And as for Cloudberry, how dare you suggest the government is ignorant . They have all studied your insane assertion ” log is tics”. Utter garbage, log is not tics, it is wood, Sweden has lots and lots of wood. Tics is small animal parasitic in nature living off its host. Sweden is a great host but does not have many tics, they have to be imported from Somalia, Afghanistan and now Syria.

  4. An Empirical ­Investigation of the Strategic Use of Debt (Journal of Political Economy vol 109, 2001) comes to mind.
    The author has studied local elections in Sweden to see if the expectation of staying in power or losing the elction affected how those in power managed the municipal economy. The effects were substantial. Looking at how the block in power at a national level acts on a local level: If the (center)right expects to lose the election, they will (statistically shown) run deficits and increase debt.”These effects are sizeable: a
    right-wing government increases its level of debt by 15 percent…”(compared to if they expect to stay in power. It is likely that the same pattern holds on a national level, but the sample is too small to make a statistically sound study.

    Apply this to Sweden Democrats increases in the polls. Add to that Prime minister Reinfeldts comments about how Sweden Democrats entering parliament led to increased immigration rather than their voters wishes of lower – Something that even members of the Prime ministers own party thought sounded like punative actions against the voters that voted wrong. Add these things up, and what you get is a punative rape of the Swedish people for daring to disagree with the will of the elite.

    Oh, and Syrians aren’t the only ones that get automatic RP’s. The same goes for Eritreans. 500 Eritrean assylumseekers arrived last month and THAT number is expected to increase rapidly as news of that spreads. What will also increase is of course the number of illegals that will CLAIM to be from Syria and Eritrea. I spoke to a “newly arrived Swede” outside the gym this past winter. He asked me if I had a lighter and we got to talking. I’m actually very interested in foreign (er…domestic?) cultures so I actually like talking to foreigners about their culture. This young man was very troubled: “Everyone can’t come to Sweden…”. He realised that Sweden couldn’t accept every person living in every hell-hole in the world. So I asked him where he was from: (I had an inkling from his socially constructed appearance) -The young man told me that he was Somalian. Lucklily, Somalians got automatic permanent RP’s. So I asked him if he missed Somalia and if he wanted to go back there. “I don’t speak the language” he said. Don’t speak the language? How come? “I’ve never been to Somalia”. He was born and raised in Yemen. But he certainly was Somalian – at least from an assylum POV. I bet there will arrive a lot of never-been-to-syria Syrians to Sweden now. And an equal number of never-been-to-eritrea Eritreans.

    The politicians and their MSM allies are wrecking this country on purpose.

  5. It looks as if the land of the Viking warriors has been reduced to a land of spineless, balless wimps.

  6. I’m syrian living in hongkong but wish to apply as asylum to sweed, can I get any advice ?

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