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I say, attitudes are toughened towards moronic policies.

Mass immigration to a welfare state has always been, and always will be, an effort in stupidity and cultural/societal suicide. Most Finns realize that.

HS: Tougher attitudes towards immigrants

Finns’ attitudes towards immigrants seem to have become less positive in recent years, according to a Gallup poll published by the daily Helsingin Sanomat.

Kaksi afrikkalaistaustaista maahanmuuttaja rautatieasemalla.
Image: Yle

The poll publish in the Saturday edition of Helsingin Sanomat showed that just over 52% of respondents think that immigration should restricted as long as there is unemployment in Finland.

In a similar survey in 2011 that figure stood at 45%.

There has also been a fall in the number of people who say that anyone should be allowed to enter and work in the country. Only 17% were in full agreement with this idea in the latest poll, as contrasted with 26% two years ago. Furthermore, an upswing was registered in the number of people who agreed that immigrants should try to “become as much like Finns” as possible.

Answers to some questions indicated little change in attitudes. Asked if Finland should accept more immigrants, 44% were in favour, the same as in the 2011 poll.

Researchers interviewed by Helsingin Sanomat believe that the poor state of the economy has affected some attitudes towards immigrants.

The survey was conducted by TNS Gallup in early September. The margin of error was plus/minus 3 percentage points. More than 1000 Finns between the ages of 15 and 79 were interviewed. YLE

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