Actually, who cares about anything that this former KGB agent has to say? So he gets his op-ed published at the NYT, whooptidoo. Trashing American exceptionalism, he plagiarizes Obama from Q&A session in 2009 (h/t: Mark Levin), Obama should be hopping mad at this point. enough so to send out a press release where he reasserts his ownership of that quote, not Putin the commie.

Folks, America is exceptional, not because of what it has become today (due to 100 years of statist assault on its constitution), but because of the idea of America, it’s self government. It was the first of its kind to do so, the idea that the people themselves are able to govern themselves thank you very much, and do not need a ruling class in order to exist.

Drawing upon the wisdom of great philosophers such as Charles de Montesquieu, Edmund Burke and John Locke for their system of governance, and Adam Smith for their economic system, they built a country out of thirteen colonies, to eventually become the sole super power on the planet. It’s the genius behind the men who understood, that, diffused power among the states and separations of power within their government, was the only means by which the civil society can be protected from tyranny.

In the end, however, there was the realization that regardless of how many roadblocks they placed upon the seat power in the straight jacket of the constitution they crafted, if the people would eventually vote for tyranny, that is what they’ll get regardless of their efforts.

So, when I speak of American exceptionalism, I speak of the idea of America, its greatness is in its founding, and it’s a return to those founding principles that will make the U.S. a great country once again, with a special, unique and very exceptional beginning, but only if they embrace it. So screw Putin and Obama, I care not what they have to say about American exceptionalism, at all.


NOTE: Get Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments.

the liberty amendments


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