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The cultural/political elite will not suffer any criticizing.

Henrik reminds me that ”this is no worse than what socialists say all the time”. That said, Stoltenberg is a creep, and that’s putting it lightly. Anyone that feels solidarity with promoters of jihad, like Stoltenberg does on a regular basis on his island indoctrination youth camp (pictured below), deserves an even more harsh pejorative.

norway's stoltenberg and fattah paling it up

From Glå

norwegian top cop fired for calling pm a creep on facebook 2.9.2013

EIDSKOG: Stone-Robin Bergh is dismissed from his position as a police officer in Eidskog following statements on Facebook that FRP politician.

– I am dismissed after a meeting at the employment council. Without having received either oral or written warning. Now I have submitted my complaint to the central employment advice, and have confidence that they will give me a fair treatment, says Stein-Robin Bergh.

It boils around the police officer in Eidskog. Last night he told of his dismissal on a Facebook page, and is now experiencing a flurry of endorsements on his profile.


On another occasion he said about Jens Stoltenberg, and was so angered by his scare tactics, he called him a “creep.”

This is what Bergh wrote on facebook:

“This creep (also:barbarian) has been at the helm for eight years and has succeeded in nothing other than bringing the country to its knees! People have seen this and they do not want more of this paralysis, this inability to act decisively! The final ace up the sleeve of this burgeoning socialst is to dish out lies about FrP’s politicies. ” More here in Norwegian.


Police officer dismissed because of Facebook comments

ABCNyheter: Police officer and FRP politician Stein-Robin Kleven Bergh who is dismissed after having called the prime minister a “creep” on Facebook, will appeal.


FRP baffled

Gunder Haugen, faction leader of FRP Eidskog, thinks it is strange that “two postings on Facebook should result in being fired.”

– I am not fully informed about this case, but trust that the police will set this right, Haugen said to NTB.

He also said that Bergh’s comments on Facebook would have no repercussions in Frp.

– The way I see it, this ‘creep’ comment is nothing worse than we in Frp have had to endure, he said.
The former police officer has received many declarations of support, and his message about being fired has been shared more than 1.700 times on Facebook.


“Krapylet has ruled for eight years without achieving anything but decay,”  Stein-Robin Kleven Bergh, who is also a politician for the anti-immigrant Progress Party, wrote on his page.

Tormod Bakke, the chief of police in Hedmark, confirmed that Bergh had been dismissed after an analysis of his use of Facebook, with this post and others deemed to have contravened police guidelines.
“We have rules for the use of social media, and they require that one should show respect in all exchanges. This message about “krapyl” goes way over the limit.”
He said it was irrelevant either which side of the political divide the target was on, or how senior they were.
“As a public servant, you have an obligation to show loyalty to your superiors. But one should show respect to everyone, both those you agree with and disagree with. In my opinion, this post totally lacked respect,” Bakke said.
Bergh, who has a 30-year career in the police behind him, is appealing his dismissal.
“I stand for my comments. We do not live in a totalitarian state,” he said.

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