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I would add, that, if the liberals want to talk about ‘government in the bedroom’, if they’re so worried, why do they allow the government through the rest of the house?

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  1. Mark Levin pulls no punches and recently on Tundra Tabloids I viewed a 60 minutes
    video in which he gave a great speech in the Ronald Reagan Library focused on Article 2 of the Constitution drawing upon his latest book, “The Liberty Amendments”.

    His address to the 1500 conservatives in the Library was inspiring and extremely thought provoking.

    Americans need to get hold of Marks’s new book and start a grass roots movement at State level.

    A majority of the States acting together (excluding, of course basket cases like California and Maryland), have the power set out in the Constitution to regain control of the US government, and to reverse the judicial activism of the Supreme Court.

    Congress is useless and the GOP establishment has betrayed genuine conservatiives to the country’s detriment.

    Regaining power by the people – men and women who love their country – can only be done by means of a majority of the States, acting in concert, the founding fathers having foreseen the possibility of the kind of activity the Obama administration is pursuing in its goal to neutralise the Constitution.

    Buy the book!

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