It’s only when her fake I.D. became known to the wider public that her position within the think tank became untenable.

This is the woman the WSJ and others were busily quoting to promote the idea that the Syrian FSA rebel army is made up of primarily ‘moderates’, that al-Qaida and other affiliates are not greatly represented in their ranks. I knew that to be BS even though I didn’t know about her fake Ph.D.

H/T: Barry Rubin

obagy and her fake phd isw knew about it long before firing her. 12.9.2013

The Institute for the Study of War knew that controversial Syria analyst Elizabeth O’Bagy lacked a Ph.D. long before it fired her, according to the group’s own website.

The Institute announced Wednesday that it had fired O’Bagy, ostensibly for faking her PhD credentials. The termination came after a series of articles in The Daily Caller revealed O’Bagy’s connection with a pro-rebel lobbying group that was not disclosed in a Wall Street Journal op-ed by O’Bagy. (Related: Woman informing Kerry, McCain’s opinions on Syria also an advocate for Syrian rebels)

In fact, the neoconservative think tank knew she was in a joint Ph.D. program all along. The author bio from her March 2013 study of the Free Syrian Army says O’Bagy is “in a joint Master’s/PhD program in Arab Studies and Political Science at Georgetown University and is working on a dissertation on women’s militancy.”

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