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Before conclusions are jumped to, it’s first wise to ponder whether this is the result of some intra-Muslim hostilities. Regardless if it is or isn’t, vandalism of private property is in fact a punishable criminal act.

NOTE: I hear that it’s Shiite because it has the following link on it’s website, The Sunni one is Turun islamilainen yhdistys (Turku Islamic Society), so this very well could be an Alien vs. Predator incident.

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Turku Islam Center has been vandalized a dozen of times

The property of the Islamic Center of Turku were destroyed last weekend. Some of the holy books have been torn. The Islamic congregation members have made a complaint to the police. Islamic Center of Turku has around 200 active members.

Destroy the Islamic Center of Turku 09.17.2013.
Destroy the Islamic Center of Turku 09.17.2013. Photo: Sanni Mari Lehtilä / Yle

The Turku Islamic Centrer has operated in Turku has operated for more than 20 years. Activities and facilities have for a time, however, been a target of vandalism. Last weekend’s sabotage was the worst so far.

– On Saturday morning, the children were brought here to study the Arabic language, and religion. This was a mess. We were really surprised by this terrible sight. The children were upset and the parents as well, says Yasir Abdul Karim.

– Phrases in Finnish and English were written on the walls of. Children can’t be allowed here, while the walls are filled with filthy words.

The vandalism was first reported by the Turun Sanomat .

“The greatest violation was the tearing of sacred books”

Islamic Center of Turku had its furniture broken, and the floor is sprinkled with salt and flour. Some of the holy books have been torn.

– When the holy book being torn, it seems like a deep insult, Adbulkarim says sadly.

– It is a really big thing. The Holy Book is always a holy book.

Turku Islam center serves approximately 200 members. A lot of things will now be rewritten as a gathering place for rehabilitation will take.

– We hope that in Finland, action will be taken, as this is important for a children’s school and the club. Children are better here than in the yard.


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